Saturday, 6 June 2015

Finally it feels like Summer in the City!

And on Cross Street we are loving it. The windows in our neighbour Wild Swans are filled with beautifully printed & well cut summer collections, Aesop have a big display in the window launching their new sunscreen- I'm particularly loving the body oils from them at the moment, I'm yet to try the sunscreen, but I'm sure it will be great, love the scents of all the Aesop products- sometimes one can smell them wafting in from across the street into the boudoir.
The newbie on Cross Street, Lost Property have gorgeous hand made leather bags in great summer colours, i love the Coral and Blush leather totes, perfect for 'hot' weekend get aways!

The bright colours woven together wink at me continuously from Tribe opposite, the most amazing hand woven rugs can be found here, also fantastic collections of handmade cushions in the windows in super summer colours and aztec prints.

Im also loving the ethnic prints in Fenton down on Shillingford St, (who by the way is the best Tailor in town, he does all Tallulah's alterations to perfection).

The delis are serving iced-coffees, smoothies and interestingly yummy salads.

We also have a special guest this weekend, Tom Dixon has a pop-up showroom, very excited to see his great and trendy furniture.

Then of course we have Tallulah's boudoir, being on the un-sunny side of the street has its blessings in this weather, it is alway cool and airy- nothing like the sunny side of Cross St!
We have chilled water ready to be sipped and lots of beautiful lingerie to slip into. Don't you find this heat gets you a little frisky? The diaphanous slips are perfect to slip into after a hard day at work, and this one from Marjolaine matched with an Ivory Pearl Thong.....need i say anymore?

Or this beautiful Shell Belle Silk and Lace slip, not as sheer, a different look all together- Imagine with the top of your suspender belt just peeping through the lace and the side of the stocking dipping at the side....

Which ever 'hot' look is your (or your partners) preference, be sure to swing by Tallulah over the weekend to explore more, if you are unable to visit the boudoir, our Pearl Thongs are available on our online boutique every girl needs some Pearls-wink wink!

Enjoy the sexy sun, T x