Monday, 22 September 2014

Why Lingerie?

As a Tallulah girl I encounter many different types of women who wander into the boudoir. I meet clients that have been coming back to Tallulah for lingerie to celebrate milestones in their lives and little payday treats for years, to the clients who just rang the door bell for the very first time.. 

Every woman comes with a different story; the deep red fitting rooms are never a boring place to be. Spending time with this eclectic mix of women is my favourite perk of the job! It also is the part of the job that really opens my eyes to all the many reasons women are draw to fabulous lingerie.. 
This point of conversation is something I've developed a passion for. Having the pleasure of hearing so many points of view of the topic I wanted to address it with a take of my own: Why Lingerie? 

With all of the retail sectors for women it's a valid question - why not shoes, dresses, coats, handbags, accessories etc?? 
Everyone has their favourite pick me up, go too's and lingerie is most definitely mine. I love all of the other things too, but there's something about lingerie that is very separate to all the other fashion items women buy and proudly display. 

Firstly I should probably say that by no means am I ruling out that lingerie is sometimes for someone else; your husband, partner, lover or man you haven't met yet but are hoping to bump into on the tube at rush hour.. What I'm talking about is everyday lingerie, the lingerie you pull out of your underwear draw, slide into in front of the mirror and from that moment onwards provides you with a spring in your step for the rest of your day! 

Women have been wearing lingerie for centuries, as has it been linked to women and society for this period of time; corsets worn used where so extreme that the wearer could barely move, implying that women of wealth had no need to be moving around but were to stay at home like a possession.. 
Lingerie and society has certainly come along way, instead of being purely for the opposite sex it has become about 21st century notions of women's self-esteem and empowerment granted to her by herself not by a man. 
Touching on the subject of lingerie for someone else (only to help with my point), for me it heightens the other person's senses to possibility; the idea of possibility is often more exciting than sex itself. 
Wearing lingerie under your everyday attire is sexy and adventurous, even if your not planning to show anyone. Wearing your favourite set under your office attire or uniform you have to wear everyday is your personal touch, you don't have to flaunt it because it's for you and you only. You've created a game of possibility with yourself.. Told you you don't need a man.

I feel like the lingerie designers Tallulah loves market their collections in a way that is very fitting with today's society. Not only do they create sexy, gorgeous pieces but they design with everyday wear and movement in mind - the modern women isn't just "slipping into something more comfortable" for her man anymore, she's wearing these designers everyday with all mundane tasks included. 

Apart from all things I have talked about before, such as wearing the right shape, being daring with colours, pushing the boundaries of your t-shirt bra, improving your posture and shape of your body etc.. Wearing lingerie everyday has become sensual as well as sexual in my life. And as bold as it sounds, lingerie has changed a lot in my life... Really! It makes perfect sense, forget worrying about fitting into an idealistic social box, my size box at Tallulah is the only kind of box I need in my life.. When you feel beautiful and have an appreciation and fond relationship with your own body this empowerment and positivity trickles through other areas of your life. 

You may have experienced a 'good underwear day'? You decide to wear a matching set, or decide to take something you bought years ago but never had the excuse to wear for a test drive.. I'm confident in posing the question: How bloody fabulous was that day?! 
So why not have a good underwear day every day? You feel ready for anything and at ease with your body - you know nothing is going anywhere it shouldn't and your looking fabulous whilst your lingerie manages that situation for you! 

I know there are many feminist debates on sexy underwear and whether it's really empowering or not. But, all I can tell you is that it empowers ME. I don't need an audience or a man for my thigh highs and pearl thong, just me, myself and my underwear secrets are empowering enough to bring a twinkle to my eye and a spring to my step. That's what matters after all - we're allowed to be selfish every so often, I just choose to be selfish and empowered under my jeans everyday. 

It's can never be a bad thing in this day and age to find something that brings a little bit more love to women's self-esteem and self-image. I'm talking about a crazy fad, but some thing that can stick with you and evolve with you throughout your whole life. If lingerie helps me to love myself a little more, especially when I need it then whats the harm in that? And even if your not sold of the idea of feeling quietly sexy my Nan always used to remind me.. What if you get hit by a bus and you have to get your clothes cut off at that hospital; you'd want to be wearing good underwear! Not the most joyful thought, but if that's something she fears then lingerie is proven to be the solvent of many problems. 

You never know when that bus is going to come.