Monday, 15 September 2014

Slices Silk

We're always on the prowl for gorgeous new pieces to drape around the boutique for you to discover.. It's not strictly lingerie you know! 

The luxury pieces I have to share today come in the form of beautiful silk scarves by Slices London. 
Graz Darken founded Slices London in 2011, she is an Australia-born graphic designer and artist who has been based in North London for over a decade. She's a local and we love that about Slices London, we're so lucky to have them on our doorstep! 

Selection of Slices London Scarves at Tallulah Lingerie |

Gorgeous shades of green |

Slices scarves are a described on Grazs' website as 'visual time capsules' and I thought that was wonderful wording and way to describe these beautiful prints. 
To create these unique prints featured on luxurious silk, Slices mix antique, microscopic samples: human, insect and minerals. 
The scarves are intriguingly abstract, and after reading up on how Graz arrived at these dreamy prints they became even more brilliant in my opinion! Knowing the origins of the prints are in the essence of human bodies and nature is rather wonderful.. 

Eyelid SS2012 by Slices London |

I mean take these dreamy hews of pink, would you have guessed that that is a microscopic image of a human eyelid! 
I love the intriguing element, they aren't just gorgeous they have a fun scientific backstory - how many pieces do you own that can tick those boxes? I bet you won't need both hands to total that up.. These designs are genius. 

Cornea SS2012 by Slices London |

A slice scarf is perfect for the changing seasons, their an easy item to throw on to add to your outfit whatever the weather! 

I'm a lover of wearing a black and white palette almost all year round, but the abstract Slices scarves are perfect for that splash of colour in your wardrobe. 

Wrap around and tuck into the neckline of your favourite cashmere for Autumn, drape around your neck or tie around your hips as a kaftan for Summer, roll up and wear as a headband to brighten up your dark Winter look or drape over your favourite jeans for Spring time.. Versatile is the word that comes to mind. 

This post was inspired by Dolly Adams.