Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Only Tell Your Best Friends..

London Fashion Week is fast approaching, with the capital being injected with fashionistas from all over the world London's streets are going to be filled with an array of incredible outfits! 

This week at What Tallulah Did I'm going to be bringing you the secrets to a fabulous silhouette. With women being constantly photographed, especially at Fashion Week, we can't help but wonder how the majority of the time, these women look incredible from head to toe! 

How do they do it? Are they immune to a little bloating after lunch like the rest of us? 
Of course, they have an army of nutritionists and personal trainers at their sides every step of the way but working out can only do so much - I'm sure they still have their not so good days after a heavy dinner the night before... It's unavoidable. 

Top Model Slip/Bodysuit in Black by Simone Perele | http://en.simone-perele.com/

Top Model Silp/Bodysuit in Black by Simone Perele | http://en.simone-perele.com/

The secret.. Shapewear! 

Many a fashionista has confessed to wearing all sorts of shape wear everyday to create their famous silhouettes. 
Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Sienna Miller etc, have all preached shape wear as their fashion staple. 

This isn't a body shaping fad either.. This technique has been used ever since the beginning of lingerie itself - remember the ridiculously tight corsets women wore centuries before Coco Chanel rebelled against it? 
They had a good system going; maybe a tad extreme, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. I'm not saying Coco was wrong to rebel; a gorgeously tailored suit is one of my favourite wardrobe staples. Having the option to wear what ever I want is really down to her, and for that I tip my wide-brim Fedora hat! 

However, when wanting to create the illusion of a tiny waist and streamline silhouette for a fabulous dress why not mix new technology with an idea that worked for women for centuries? 

Top Model Body in Nude by Simone Perele | http://en.simone-perele.com/

When creating the perfect silhouette we now have SO many options, I will bring you a few of my Tallulah favourites throughout the week but to kick things off is Simone Perele's Top Model range. 

These bodies and slip dresses are a product of 10 years research by trusted lingerie designer Simone Perele. There's a few different options in this collection to work beneath almost any outfit, from high waisted 'cycle style' shorts called a high waisted shaper to a half leotard shape piece called an uplifting shaper.. 

Tallulah chose the nude body and black slip dress as our favourites. 
One of the best elements is that the plunging neckline of both pieces are a dreamy lace that has some stretch to it with the idea that you can wear your own bra underneath. 
You can customise the effect you want on top with whatever bra you choose and still have the control of the gorgeous bodysuit below. 

This means whatever you have on top can work with either of these pieces. 
30G? Do not fret, this works for you just as well as it would for a 32B and that's why we love it! 

The 'anti-celuite' technology is sure to give you the silhouette you desire under your favourite floaty, silk numbers; say good bye to unwanted lumps and bumps! 

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