Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Less is not always more..

Sticking with the topic of Tallulah's favourite shapewear, today I'm going to challenge your stereotypical ideas regarding larger items of lingerie... 

The usual responses I get when suggesting that less is not always more are.. 

"They'e so ugly!" 
"My partner will hate those" 

And my personal favourite.. 
"I'm not wearing big knickers, don't even show me!" 

When trying to pick out lingerie to go with an outfit that needs a little more assistance from our undergarments than others, ladies tend to want to go as tiny as possible - "Have you got anything smaller?" is a favourable question. 

Yes, I do have many things that are smaller.. I have things that will leave nothing to the imagination i.e the pearl thong. But no, going as small as you can is not going to help, in fact why not go as big as you can? After all the bigger the underwear the less chance your hated lumps and bumps have of being seen.. The look I always go for is 'streamline'.

The point I made yesterday was that the famous bodies we aspire too, from the likes of celebrities to top models, they don't just let the results of hours at the gym do the work.. 
They're all wearing shape wear. They're doing it really, really well and they've all got us fooled into thinking that they look like that 24/7. Let your underwear help you! 

Retrolution by Gossard |

Retrolution by Gossard |

What deters women away from shape wear the most is revealed in the common statements I listed above.. But Retrolution by Gossard couldn't be further away from ugly or a turn off, in fact I think their outfits are super sexy! 

Retrolution has a 50's pin up feel from the super high waisted knickers to the 50's shaped bras. Pin up's are always drawn with an hourglass shape, looking dreamy, usually wearing something highwaisted.. I don't remember the last time I saw a pin up girl wearing a thong! 

This proves that, one; 'big knickers' can look gorgeous whilst also serving a purpose beneath your clothes and two; men find pin up's sexually alluring so why wouldn't they see your fabulous Retrolution lingerie in the same light? The answer, they do! 

Stop thinking about 'big knickers' as something your gran would wear and starting picturing them as gorgeous as this! You'll soon be starting a shape wear revolution amongst your girl friends, and I promise you they'll all be thankful.

Retrolution Slip in Blush and Black by Gossard |

My favourite shape wear pieces from Retrolution have to be the slips. Tallulah stock them in an array of sizes in both colours photographed above. 

It's not often you find an item of lingerie that acts as really good quality shape wear...
(Trust me I've wiggled into one of these and no lump or bump is going anywhere you don't want it to go!) 
AND, is as beautiful as these slips.. The plunging neckline is divine, the detailing down the front is dreamy and the silk on the side panels are luxurious and soft! 

Definitely one of the most luxurious items you could chose as a foundation for making you and your outfit, look and feel even more fabulous! 

More shape wear brilliance tomorrow... 

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