Sunday, 3 August 2014

The C Chic

Everyone needs good foundation bras and no one wants those pieces to be "ugly". 
Women often imagine big, thick strapped and un-sexy underwear when I use the word 'foundation'. 
Years ago that may have been the case.. but, lingerie has evolved to the point were a bra that can be worn under multiple types of clothing and still be a perfect fit and really sexy. 

The best example of this is by Chantelle in the form of 'C Chic Sexy'. 
Although I'm not a fan of the name I'm a huge advocate for this bra! 

If I had it my way everyone I fit would try it on. It does magical things, and it seems to be the only bra that seems the fit EVERY person who tries it on.. It's been months and I'm still trying to work out the genius behind it. When I figure it out I'll be sure to let you know! 

For the women who can't quite bring themselves to wear nude instead of white (you will reap the benefits one day, you just don't know it yet) it also comes in black..  

C Chic Sexy Nude Padded Plunge by Chantelle |

There is an unpadded option in the collection but the padded plunge is the shape that's really gorgeous. The lace over lay on the cups add a sexy element to an otherwise mundane nude bra. The lace overlay creates a beautiful plunging neckline - dreamy and functional! 

C Chic Sexy Padded Plunge in Black by Chantelle |

C Chic in Black has become the 'little black dress' of my lingerie. It creates lines I never thought I had making the clothing look fabulous. 
A good bra can transform the way your body looks from your posture to your proportions - C Chic  is the clearest example of this in my lingerie draw. 

C Chic Sexy Tanga in Nude by Chantelle |

C Chic Sexy Tanga in Black by Chantelle |

Sheer back detail - C Chic Sexy Tanga in Nude by Chantelle |

Lace trim detail - C Chic Tanga in Black by Chantelle |

I know you thought there was a catch coming in the form of really ugly, unflattering knickers to match.. 

Oh how wrong you were! The knickers are just as brilliant as the bra. They have dreamy lace detailing around the edges. The tanga (half way between a thong and a knicker) cut and sheerness are so sexy. 

And of course there's a functional element.. The lace is so soft that the edges blend and disappear under clothes. 
The knickers have the same attitude as the bra - it creates a gorge shape and doesn't show off that it's responsible, leaving you and your fabulous looking clothes to take all the credit. 

If you had written off ever finding the perfect lingerie set you could wear beneath any t-shirt by day and still look like goddess for date night, the search can most definitely be called off!
Finally something you and the other half can agree on!  

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