Saturday, 2 August 2014

Powder Puff Pink

At Tallulah it's always exciting when a delivery arrives on our doorstep no matter how big or small. 
Today a particularly tiny package landed on our counter.. 

Upon unwrapping the boring grey plastic packaging, I was met with shimmering champagne wrapping - Ahhhhh! 
Ell & Cee deliveries are always delivered beautifully wrapped and what lies beneath is always exciting. 

Tallulah loves Ell & Cee's bespoke bridal knickers with "Just Married", "The Mrs", " The Her" or a personalised name across the back. They're a dreamy detail to feature as part of any brides lingerie. 

Suitcase full of chiffon, silk, embroidery and diamonds by Ell & Cee |

A few colour combinations for the back of your Ell & Cee bridal knickers |
What was particularly exciting, in the glistening package was some "Bridesmaid" bespoke knickers with golden embroidery. 

Not only did I love the idea of the bridesmaids wearing matching Ell & Cee knickers, the colours were really something special. 

The ivory was just gorgeous but what I fell in love with was a colour chiffon I haven't seen from Ell & Cee before. It was called 'Powder Puff Pink'. It was a softer pink than the usual blush tones we receive from Ell & Cee. It was delicate and gorgeous and it filled me with urges to surround myself with beautiful things coloured in Powder Puff Pink. 

'Bridesmaid' bespoke knickers glistening with gold embroidery in ivory and powder puff pink 

Ell & Cee are available to order online at 
Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. 

Add sparkle to your wedding night or pass them onto your friends as gorgeously, cheeky wedding gifts. 
Everyone loves personalised bespoke knickers.. Especially when Powder Puff Pink is an option