Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pink to make the boys wink!

'Pink is for girls and blue is for boys'.. Maybe not my favourite mantra but when the the shade of pink is this fun how can one refuse. 

Stella McCartney's collection 'Julia Stargazing' is the bundle of pink loveliness in question. 
Tallulah loves Stella's collections for their fabulous shapes and attention to detail and you'll see why below... 

Julia Stargazing Padded bra and Knickers by Stella McCartney |

Client's often ask, 'but what would I wear this under?' and my answer is always.. anything! 

When you have a colour this gorgeous under your clothes I don't think it's a bad thing to want to show it off a little.. 

There's a fine line between showing to much underwear and showing enough to make a sexy statement. 

Too much doesn't exist within the realms of Tallulah, but maybe you can over step the mark walking down Upper Street..

Paired with a gorgeously simple white t-shirt, a little silk cami or your favourite crisp shirt you can't go very far wrong! 

Julia Stargazing Padded bra by Stella McCartney |

Julia Stargazing Padded bra detail by Stella McCartney |

Julia Stargazing Knickers by Stella McCartney |

As I mentioned previously, I love Stella's attention to detail. This is evident in every collection but whilst we're here I'll show you what I mean with the dreamy details from 'Julia Stargazing'... 

Beautiful Sheer Polka Dot Strap Detail 

Gold Hoops on Shoulder Straps 

Sheer Polka Dot Mesh on the back of the Knickers 

From the sheer polka dot inserts in both the bra and knickers to the gorgeous gold hoops woven into the shoulder straps these are all the little things that make Stella special. 

The structuring choices are also fabulous - the padded bra featured above gives a fantastic shape and works as a t-shirt bra but Stella always does the most dreamy unpadded bras.. Just wait and see! 

Julia Stargazing Unpadded Bra by Stella McCartney |

Julia Stargazing Unpadded Cup Detail by Stella McCartney |

Julia Stargazing Thong by Stella McCartney |

The unpadded in a slight triangle shape is both sexy and flattering. Definitely the one I would go for with an unbuttoned white shirt.. of course! 

So go forth and pull out your favourite low cut top to enjoy the sunshine with your pink lace inspiration!