Friday, 17 May 2019

Indie Brands in the Boudoir

Hello Lingerie loves 💜

Many of you are already familiar with our brands. 
But here is what's going on behind the curtain: Magic!

As shopping is getting more overwhelming with choice, our busy lives tempt us to buy online for convenience, but sadly we end up forgetting about the beautiful stories behind our latest purchase.

Naturally prices and bargains will always be a big factor in our shopping decisions, 
but here at Tallulah we believe in a different approach, promoting slow fashion and beautifully made things that will be part of your life story.

Sourcing new independent designers everyday we try to get as many options in to satisfy your lingerie needs. We are lucky that many of our brands are still handmade and source the most amazing silks and lace. It really makes a difference !

Take for instance this Dreamy outfit here.
Floor length Christine gown paired with an Antique 1960's ceremonial kimono.
The Christine gowns are THE perfect fit, giving you the wow factor without forgetting comfort and quality satin silk, all bias cut 
( very important luxurious detail to make the silk hug your body in all the right places 💜)  
and hand made with love in Vancouver.

Our Antique kimonos are sourced in Japan and one of a kind as traditional kimonos were always made to measure and hand stitched.
This particular one is a ceremonial kimono embellished with silk and gold thread embroidery.
Absolute magic!

Even when feeling in a kinky mood, why not enjoy beautifully crafted designs over mass produced outfits? We love something a bit out of the ordinary and for that we found you the most exquisite leather brands, from the decadent Loveday London lingerie sets to the Halt Harrison cheeky accessories.


One of our latest independent brand to join the family, Marc de la Morandiere Parfums, is also all about craftsmanship.
This family brand launched in the 80's focuses on impeccable quality, focusing on more natural ingredients and all handmade in France.

Oh and we also draw our own Gift Vouchers! 💕

I hope this post has inspired you to cherish even more your beautiful pieces at home or to start your collection of hand crafted items !
Wishing you a lovely week lingerie lovers 💋

x T

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