Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Beyond excited...Tallulah has been short-listed and it is all Thanks to you!

We knew we had been nominated and we asked you all to vote to get us short-listed, and BOOM thats exactly what has happened...but we need you all to of voted twice (once for the nominating stage and second for the short-listing stage).

As Time Out put it on their website on this years LOVE LONDON AWARDS  'Now, it’s time to reward a whole new crop of venues for their dedication to making Londoners’ lives better.' 

Here is the link for you to cast your vote.

Step 1; click on ISLINGTON neighbourhood.
Step 2; Go to SHOPS and search for TALLULAH and VOTE
Step 3; feel the love from Tallulah for your support ;-)

In Time Outs' own words;
Right now we’re at the voting stage – the final and all-important chance for Londoners to make sure their favourite venues come out on top. You can vote in as many areas and as many categories as you like, but crucially you can only vote for one venue in each category – this is a winner-takes-it-all kinda situation – 

Thanking you kindly in advanced. 

It would be amazing to win, can you imagine?!
Lots of Lingerie Love to you,
Tallulah xx