Thursday, 2 June 2016

All wrapped up and smiling...

Who doesn't love a bit of luxury?
For me it starts first thing in the morning, swinging my legs out from the warmth of my rumpled bed sheets to go make the coffee, and this I do by shimmering down the 2 flights of stairs in my house wrapped up in some sort of slinky silk and lace robe or beautiful printed floral cotton kimono. What ever it is I am wearing, it will had made me smile wrapping myself up in it, and getting ready for the outside world that day. 

I posted the picture below on Instagram earlier this week and the response from fellow  lingerie lovers was just how I feel, with 1 in particular saying and I quote "So Pretty!!! Even seeing this pic puts a smile on my face"
That is exactly how it should make you feel Cheeky ;-)

You smiling yet? 

The silk and lace robes we have in the boudoir at the moment are breath-taking (even if I do say so myself....again!). I mean, look at this window display from last week...

All looking beautiful hanging out together, ready to go off to their new homes are pieces from Shell Belle, Marjolaine, Christine and Jayley in antique rose, blush, golden honey and mint tones.
Below is the antique rose lace on rose silk satin Marjolaine.

Here is a close up of the exquisite detailing on the eyelash laced sleeve's...

Then we have Shell Belle, who as you know we love Shell Belle in Tallulah, as I type this I am wearing my Black lace shirt tucked into high waisted jeans- the whole collection is one of my total favourites to wear as Outerwear. Sorry, back to the kimono which is pictured below, this colour way is Elderflower, we also have it in Cream. It is divine. 

Pictured here with a simple ivory chemise, it is very a popular piece for our bohemian brides-to-be wearing on the morning of their wedding. Of course it is not just for Brides, this gorgeous 1920s style kimono is perfect for lounging, cocktail sipping or on a more practical note- dusting in.

If silk and lace robes are not for you, look at these darling cotton robes from British designer Verry Kerry.

The robe pictured above we have stocked before and we often have her winking at passers by from the window, I have this one and I promise you, it makes me smile every morning I slip into it. This is the robe I wear when we have guests for breakfast and it is an occasion that that wearing my silk and lace ensembles is just not called for. I can poach eggs in it or serve granola all whilst feeling lovely and dressed 'appropriately'. Here is a selection of some of the prints available at the moment vary from soft tones of delicate flowers to dark navy and aztec prints.

Below is a close up of one of the new dressing gowns delivered last week from Verry Kerry. As you can see from above, we would normally have amazing prints from Kerry, but this time we have also had a crocheted cream short robe delivered with delicate detailing of a splash of aqua on the sleeves.

I love everything about Verry Kerry, from her beautiful prints to wonderful ethical beliefs and of course when one smiles it inspires others around you to do same ;-)

That brings this blog post to an end, I hope you have enjoyed the read and even seen something that you may just need in your life so we will be seeing you in the boudoir soon.

Thats a wrap.

Until next time Lingerie lovers...
Tallulah x