Thursday, 25 February 2016

Slipping back in to things...

And in a big way with designers Emilio Pucci, Calvin Klein and Céline just a few whom are declaring this Spring/Summer season another season of the Underwear as Outerwear trend. Little slip dresses, wisps of Chantilly lace and diaphanous silks adorned the catwalks making me think of the collections in Tallulah from Marjolaine's silk chiffon trimmed in Gothic eyelash lace to our Bespoke silk Christine gowns that have had lots of press lately including 'How to spend it' and in the fantastic new bridal magazine 'Absolutely Weddings' - click on the links for a read.
The silk slip is no longer regarded as an evening only sensual boudoir piece, or just a very functional layering piece in ones wardrobe, but is looked upon as more of a key piece in our wardrobes.

Marjolaine from last season, still going strong

Lingerie as a fashion trend is not a new thing, far from it with Chanel partial to a wide legged lounge pant back in her day and of course who could forget the phenomenon of Madonna and the stir her and Gaultier caused with her beautiful pink coned bra shape corselette. Then who could forget Kate Moss and the slinky silk adorning her body a couple of decades ago? See the image below for a reminder...

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I have always loved a slip, under my dresses as a layer or simply as a dress, during my second pregnancy my most comfortable and glamorous outfit was a 1940s inspired Mary Green silk chiffon nightie layered over a simple bias cut slip, I still wear it now. But I have to say my favourite to wear is my Shell Belle ‘Gatsby’ 1920s inspired slip in black silk trimmed in the most exquisite gold decadent lace. I wore it to a wonderful festival wedding in the summer.

Back in the 90s I went through that 'indie rock' phase. Tiny spaghetti strapped slips and huge Dr Marten boots laced up with ribbons not laces, although I wore Wolford opaques WITHOUT the rips and holes added to them you will be pleased to hear!

Many of our silk Christine's gowns have found new homes as outerwear for wearing to parties, dinner partying in or even tangoing in. Dress them up with heels and a sparkly bolero or be more casual like I wear it with Belstaff leather biker boots and a chunky cashmere cardigan, either way you will love the way it feels and how easy to accessorise the simple and elegant slip into a dress day or night.

Christine silk gown with silk velvet and bead bolero hanging in Tallulah

Length is key, nothing to short or you will look like your off to bed (rather glamorously I'm sure).
And if your unsure of the full on ‘I'm wearing my underwear as outerwear and I don't care' look then ease yourself into it, like with a camisole edged in delicate lace peeping out of the bottom of a sheer t-shirt or the lace trimming on a chemise tickling the edge of your summer dress hem. 

Layering with Shell Belle lace, cashmere & denim

As you can see from the above image of my outfit at the weekend, I love the contrast of the shapes and fabrics, feminine and delicate mixed with tougher leather and denim and all in all layering. I have my Shell Belle lace slip tucked in but hanging out under my cashmere jumper (as I re-read this that sounded complicated to do, but it really isn't)  I'm not a total girlie girl but I do love feeling feminine. 

I have to say, I am utterly pleased the designers have declared the Underwear as Outerwear trend is still going strong, but even if they didn’t and Vogue were not writing about the simple silk slip, Tallulah would still be in love with the silk slip and have a boudoir full of different shapes, fabrics and styles.
We declare our love for the silk slip and our love for  underwear as outerwear forever.

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