Sunday, 3 May 2015

Define T-Shirt Bra..

We seem to have found ourselves in the month of May. No one has an explanation as to how we've arrived at this point of 2015 so suddenly without any warning. I mean May happens every year, but this year has a certain surprise element to it..

And with May's arrival comes the debate, is it Spring, is it Summer, do I still wear a jumper, it's not quite spaghetti strap weather is it? 

I've noticed that with the weather being here, there and everywhere many of my Tallulah ladies have been in search of the same thing, the perfect t-shirt bra. 
When you don't know what season we're in never mind what outfit choices to make a simple t-shirt is always a winner. Still, time after time women worry how to layer the appropriate bra beneath these beloved tops that seems to expose every laced trim.

I've put together my top five t-shirt bras, some choices may seem unlikely but from where I stand, the bra is just as much part of the outfit and can be a fabulous statement as well as a practicality. As long as you're fitted correctly, the old rule that a 'boring smooth nude' is your only option does not apply. 

T xx

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