Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tallulah Lingerie's Brand New Face

After many weeks of tweaking Tallulah Lingerie finally has a brand new digital face! 

Have a peak at: http://www.tallulah-lingerie.co.uk/

We are so proud to announce that not only does Tallulah have a new, refreshed, digital look but you can now shop our key pieces online. For all our Tallulah ladies who're not able to drop buy for an hour or two in the fitting room and a glass of bubbles, you can now get your lingerie fix from your sofa. 

Tallulah is still very much about a fabulous face to face experience, this is why not all of our dreamy pieces are available online. Well fitting lingerie is what we're all about ladies! But, if you've had a bad day and you're based in Essex? Tallulah can take care of all of your troubles with the click of a button.. We're still amazed at how it works, but it does! 

T x

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