Saturday, 21 February 2015

S is for Silky Saturdays

It's a gorgeously crisp and sunny day on Cross Street; our favourite kind of weather. 
This is the season where every layer counts, so why not make each one luxurious and beautiful? 

Julianne are my top choice for simple yet versatile silks. Of course they're fantastic for evening attire, when I'm ready to change into 'something more comfortable' a Julianne slip makes you feel instantly luxurious when curling up beneath Egyptian cotton sheets. 

What I love about the Julianne silk pieces are they're also the perfect layer to incorporate into your outfit during the day time. Whether you're looking for a beautiful camisole to wear with jeans and or a slip to wear beneath a chunky jumper dress they tick all the boxes. What's even better is that along with classic black, nude and ivory a gorgeous new cobalt blue has arrived at the boudoir! What more could a girl want..

Have a lovely weekend,
T x