Sunday, 25 January 2015

Winter Pale

Winter Pale has been one of my favourite trends throughout this chilly season. When the elements are misbehaving outdoors it's a chic alternative to wrapping up head to toe in black.
If you're going to try a new trend for the new year, don't let it be just a different shade of grey.. And if you're not ready to jump in with both feet donning your white skinny jeans and pale leather jacket why not test the waters with a gorgeous new lingerie set?

Aubade's Brazil Paradise is perfect for this. Coco, blush and ivory embroidery paired with wisps of soft lace creates an ultra sexy alternative to the ivory t-shirt bra.
When discussing luxurious lingerie the devil is very much always in the detail, this beautiful little set comes with a feather attachment, that can be removed for the practicalities for a simple grey t-shirt and re-attached when it's bed time and tickling is always welcome..

T x