Sunday, 28 September 2014

S, is for Silk and Sunday

After a hard week juggling work and family affairs, Sunday is the perfect day for only leaving the comfort of your house for a couple of hours. 
A cosy brunch, maybe with a Bloody Mary is really the only reason you need to go anywhere.. 
Sunday's are meant to be spend with your nearest and dearest, either snuggling or just hanging out. You may have gathered we don't do pyjama days at Tallulah (unless it's cold, and they're cashmere..) so here are a few outfit ideas from our brand new silk pieces from Vivis to get you inspired to dress up even when your dressing down. 

Itica Silk Chemise in Blue, Latte and Pink by Vivis |

Manou Silk Babydoll with Eyelash Lace by Vivis |

Manou Silk Babydoll with Eyelash Lace by Vivis |

Itica Silk Chemise with Lace Trim in Pink by Vivis |

The selection of shorter length chemise' and baby dolls and dreamy. All the colours are rich and gorgeous and they all have the most beautiful lace trims and necklines. 
Tallulah stocks Itica, the most perfect silk chemise, in Pink, Pearl Blue, Iced Latte and Ivory. Itica has cups in it's structure so fuller busts shouldn't get put off by the spaghetti straps because they work beautifully with or without a lot on top. 

My personal favourite from the short length options is definitely Manou which is detailed with the stunning black eyelash lace against divine coffee toned silk. Manou is a little shorter than the others, with roughly three inches of sheer black lace trimming the hem at the tops of your thighs, throwing on a little babydoll suddenly becomes gorgeously sexy. 

This is the Vivis I'd choose to spend a Sunday with the other half.. I'm sure they'll appreciate dressing up to dress down - And for you, very little effort is required as Manou does all the work. 

Monic Silk Longer Length Gown with Lace in Latte by Vivis |

Monic Silk Long Length Gown with Lace in Latte by Vivis |

Dorine Long Silk Slip in Nude and Pearl Blue by Vivis |

Dorine Long Silk Slip in Nude by Vivis |

Being a petite 5 foot 3 I always edged towards shorter lengths when shopping for myself as I always felt swamped in long length pieces. 
However, Dorine and Monic are two of my favourite collections from Vivis this season. 

As much as it's nice to have one of a kind silk pieces, I really appreciate when silk is luxurious whilst still being versatile. Dorine ticks these boxes; the delicate V-neck, spaghetti straps and the way the silk is cut to drape the body is sexy and practical for any time of day. These elements are brilliantly executed creating an elegant simplicity which also works wonderfully as foundation wear beneath longer length dresses or to layer under a long skirt to create the effect of a tucked camisole. 

Then there's Monic in a colour that can only be described as something along the lines of your favourite summers' iced coffee.. There's a lace trimmed gown and robe in this collection, it's always satisfying to wear a matching set.
There's something cinematic when wearing this duo for your Sunday in. I couldn't think of anything better than snuggling on the sofa with a film and a cuppa draped in nothing but luxurious silk in Monic's golden tones. Each piece is dreamy along but together the full length gown and robe are flattering, comfortable and incredibly beautiful. 

These pieces from Vivis are really made for the weekend.. maybe a different silk for each Sunday in the month? Why dress down when it's so easy to dress up?