Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Kink and Birthday Cake

In celebration of my birthday I'm bringing you a collaboration of the two things that capture our hearts at Tallulah.. Lingerie and cake!

When I discovered this book I couldn't get my head around the genius of it all.. lingerie on cakes!

Kinky Cupcakes by Joanna Farrow | Available at http://www.amazon.com/Kinky-Cupcakes-Joanna-Farrow/dp/B007R94KAS

This published slice of genius is called Kinky Cupcakes and it's by Joanna Farrow. 
The recipes sound so yummy and I'm obsessed with the decoration on all of the different lingerie themed cakes! 

I'm going to share a few of my favourites, but you should definitely get yourself a copy and start baking right now! 
Tester cupcakes are more than welcome at Tallulah.. 

Blond Ambition 
Dreamy pastel pink colouring and edible silver leaf for Blond Ambition. Contains strawberry jam, a personal favourite of mine.. 


I have a feeling I would need to possess a greater knowledge of baking than I currently do to produce this beautiful caging on the top of this little number. With fresh strawberries, oranges and white chocolate ganache I might just give it ago anyway and eat the delicious mess I make afterwards! 

Cheek to Cheek 

One of the cheekiest (no pun intended..) - I love the sound of simple buttercream and lots of icing for Cheek to Cheek! 

Dominatrix Delights

Handcuffs.. Always appropriate, especially on a little pink cupcake under this name! 
Cream cheese frosting and vanilla brings the delight to dominatrix! 

Down Boy 

I LOVE dark chocolate so 'Down Boy' maybe winning in my race for favourite cupcake! 
Rich chocolate, dark chocolate ganache, and an array of icing sounds so tempting to my taste buds.. And as a plus, the decor on top is actually icing and a ribbon. I think I could master it with all the concentration I can muster. 

French Fancy 

Buttercream and a colourful array of icing - what more is there to make this little one any more fancy?! 

Frills and Thrills 

Sealed with a Kiss 

The ultimate flirty cupcake has to be 'Sealed with a Kiss'. 

Red velvet cupcakes containing Vodka Buttercream (YES.. That exists), edible gold food colouring, red food colouring and ivory icing. What could be a better combination?! 

I hope you enjoy exploring the many possibilities mixing lingerie and sweet treats together.. 
If you feel really grateful I do except thank you's in the form of kinky cupcakes!