Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fifty Shades of Fabulous

Tallulah's reputation is luxurious and filled to the brim with the most glorious silks and lace, unlike some of our competitors we aren't known for our naughty bits. 
We do have our own refined collection displayed discreetly in our boudoir but it really isn't all about Fifty Shades of Grey accessories. 

My favourite boudoir accessories designer is Paul Seville. At Tallulah we stock his beautiful laser cut, leather handcuffs and belts. 

Collection of pieces from Paul Seville | http://www.paulseville.co.uk/
Paul is an Irish-born designer and leather craftsmanship extraordinaire. His leather craftsmanship is entirely self taught, Paul has taken his passion for traditional leather crafting  and created his 'eccentric boudoir couture'. 

As a graduate from the London College of Fashion, Paul is a trained fashion designer and tailor. Mix that knowledge with the ability to hand carve and mould bespoke corsets and bustiers and you have yourself the amazing Paul Seville that now stands as a brand in it's own right. 

Paul originally developed his signature style after fashion college by meticulously studying his art, experimenting with information learnt from vintage and rare library books. He resourcefully took older techniques and added his own ideas creating a signature style.  

Black and Ivory Leather Cuffs by Paul Seville | http://www.paulseville.co.uk/
At Tallulah we adore Paul's craftsmanship; each piece is individual and unique much like the other pieces sprinkle around the boudoir to make it extra special. 

We stock the leather handcuffs, pictured above and also leather waspies' with a similar leather design. Slight differences are all part of the bespoke charm.  

Selection of Belts and Waspies' by Paul Seville | http://www.paulseville.co.uk/

Editorial featuring Paul Seville Harness | http://www.paulseville.co.uk/
Our clients sometimes ask after these pieces for bedroom wear, but more often than not they're viewed as fabulously unique fashion pieces to make their favourite shirts and dresses stand out. 

The handcuffs are un-hookable, transferring them into gorgeous cuffs. Perfect for peering out of the cuffs of your silk shirts or as refreshing details at the end of your long sleeve dress..
If you want to add the erotic element you can always add the chain when you get home... It's always nice to have the option! 

Personally, I love the leather harness look underneath a low plunge dress or t-shirt. 
I think layering the leather waspie is a fabulous way to jazz up a plain dress or emphasise your waist in any outfit! 
It's details like these that will add an edge to your outfits, whether it's for a night at the local or to a fantastic black tie event. The perfect example of this is the editorial photographed above - it's not just for high fashion images, this principle can be applied to all your outfits that need a new life. 

Check out more stock from Paul Seville at http://www.paulseville.co.uk/